'Morbius' Has A Dumb And Pointless 'Halo' Easter Egg

Morbius Didn't Want To Become A Vampire, He Wanted To Become Master Chief From 'Halo'.
'Morbius' Has A Dumb And Pointless 'Halo' Easter Egg

Our readers might be wondering what happened to our weekly coverage of the hit tv series Halo, so it's only fair to have an in-depth recap of every important event that took place in the episodes that we totally ignored: Masterchief totally f*cked in one of them. We'd like to thank everyone for reading that whole thing! On a more serious note, the reason why we haven't been updating our readers in that department is that we – and every person who knows what's good for them, have been too busy just continually rewatching the best batman movie of the year: Morbius. Hell yeah, we've seen it so many times now that we even caught an ultra-secret (and ultra dumb) Halo easter egg. As we all know, Morbius tells an unprecedentedly rich and complex tale, so we're going to give everyone some probably unwanted unneeded context. The movie begins with kid Michael Morbius and his pal, uh, Drichael Whovius, suffering from a disease that's as serious as it is made up. 

Morbius post transformation
So serious that this is what he looks like when he's “doing better”.

They call themselves Spartans because they say they've always been “the few against the many”, and because they probably skipped that part in 300 where Spartans say that they instantly murder all babies who aren't born with a six-pack. Fast forward to the present day, where Dr. Michael Morbius is doing all sorts of genetic experiments desperately in search of a cure for his and his pal's ailment. Everything is going to crap until he gets saved by a rat named test subject 117. Hm, that's also the test subject number of John-117, the man most of us know as the goddamn Master Chief from the Halo series. That could be just a coincidence, sure, but the experiment that turned a kid into the Master Chief was called the Spartan 2 program, something that actually makes the two ill kids talking about Spartans begin to make a lick of sense. 

the human-bat DNA combination scene in the film


Oh, they even found a way to get the S and the 2 in there. Neat.

Moreover, Morbius isn't even the first time screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have shown their love for video games, as they'd previously written the screenplay for Dracula: Untold, a movie that's pretty much a bootleg movie adaptation of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow.

Top Image: Microsoft


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