Players Operate A Casino and Brothel In 'Final Fantasy 14'

You can digitally bang a cat eared person!
Players Operate A Casino and Brothel In 'Final Fantasy 14'

Since the Dawn of Time The Internet, people have dreamed of freedom, revelry, and innocuous joy. And some rabbit eared, sexy AF denizens of Final Fantasy 14 are living that dream. FFXIV’s fans are a passionate bunch, spending hundreds of hours questing, leveling, and generally living out their fantasies in the game. The operators of Phoenix Nights are helping other players fulfill their fantasies by operating an erotic roleplay service alongside their in-game casino. 

Mollie Taylor of PC Gamer wrote about the players who go the extra mile for their clients by participating in erotic roleplay in exchange for the in-game currency ‘gil’. There are many establishments throughout various role-play focused servers that provide these services. The interactions for how to go about having a private session with a cat eared cutie are largely the same throughout. Through chat, customers will select which member of the staff they want to spend time with and the players RP’ing as courtesans will establish boundaries and suss out what kink their client wants to fulfill. The avatars will often then go to a private room in the brothel and move to a private chat channel. Then it’s time for the online doms to flex those creative writing muscles and get down to some sexy, digital business. 

sexy cat person

Square Enix

Does this do anything for ya?

The establishments are all 18+ and the in-game species of characters that look like children, the Lalafell, are usually not welcome. Brothel workers can be anyone, any gender, anywhere in the world. But when they’re in character, they’re just a sexy cat person trying to make a living by servicing some johns. Why sexy cat people you ask? There’s a well documented feline fetish and we guess elves are so run of the mill sexy that maybe they needed that extra spice to attract folks to an actual cat house. 

Players on role-play dedicated servers have even set up all the peripheral economies that sometimes surround IRL sex work, with folks pretending to run gangs, gambling games, and creation of illicit items. It’s truly a gangsters paradise. 

Getting to dress up in elaborate, Final Fantasy fashion is enough for folks attending the Met Gala. But it turns out the actual final fantasy is getting to explore kinks in a fun, safe, consensual environment. Play on players.


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