Konami Has 3 Bonkers Secret 'Silent Hill' Games In The Works

Quite the re-awakening for a dead company.
Konami Has 3 Bonkers Secret 'Silent Hill' Games In The Works

Gamers everywhere have been in dire need of a new Silent Hill game ever since discovering that the sheer horror they got from playing P.T., the 2015 teaser for Silent Hills, only paled in comparison to the horror of seeing Konami canceling the whole thing just out of spite. We've since buried our hopes of ever getting a new Silent Hill as Konami has mostly moved away from the video game business to enter the inexplicably-more-appealing business of video game-themed slot machines, but a recent leak revealed that there are currently 3 Silent Hill projects in the making. It's time for us to naively get our hopes up again!

toilet from silent hill


Pictured: the point of view of Silent Hill fans whenever Konami announces new projects.

The first project is a remake of fan-favorite Silent Hill 2. Remakes are all the rage right now, and sure, everyone wants to see what SH2 would look like in today's hardware, but there's a not-too-appealing detail in this story. The remake is being held by Bloober Team, a company that's not very good when it comes to horror games (even though they specialize in horror games). Now, we tend to prefer remakes that bring something new to the mix, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, but this one has us hoping they stick close to the formula because we need them to avoid “unique touches” like the one below:

The second project is an episodic series that will tell many different stories connected to the town. This one is actually much more interesting because the new format may very well breathe new life into the series, and also because it is rumored to be helmed by Annapurna Interactive, a company whose gameography is composed mostly of absolute bangers. Looking at one of Annapurna's best games, Outer Wilds (not to be confused with Outer Worlds), a clever space exploration/puzzler, we can only say one thing:


There are no better people for the inevitable job of taking Silent Hill to space.

The third project is the scariest of the bunch, as it is a straight-up new mainline entry in the series. Not much is known about it, other than how it is being helmed by an undisclosed Japanese company. We don't envy their job since every attempt at a mainline Silent Hill game in the past 19 years has ended badly, but even the original Silent Hill was born out of failure, so let's give them a chance.

Top Image: Konami

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