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8 Gadgets That Lie to You Every Day

Now that we have all the fancy gauges and buttons modern life provides to us, we may have gotten a little bit overdependent on them. As it turns out, many of these gadgets are scarily inaccurate or even deliberately configured to lie to and appease us.


The 4 Worst Times to Be on The Internet

I've spent so much time on the Internet that I can now recognize the worst times of the year to be on it (you probably can too, because it's the day after Thanksgiving, and you're here, reading this silly column).


7 Ways Your Cellphone Is Screwing With Your Body and Mind

The cancer thing seems to have been overblown, but apparently the jury is still out on a whole host of much weirder effects your phone could be having on you right now.


5 Official Websites You Won't Believe Are This Bad

Every once in a while a website for a famous, successful actor, (or popular film, or service), will show up, and even though the subject is worth lots of money and has a whole team of people to worry about its image, the website is shockingly terrible.


5 True Stories That Prove You Shouldn't Piss Off The IT Guy

In some offices, the IT guys wield more power than the owner of the company. And if you want proof, just look at what happens when they get pissed off.


6 Terrifying Emergency Escape Pods (That Aren't Worth It)

We tend to think of escape pods as a science fiction trope: They jettison off of Star Destroyers or launch out the top of giant mechanical spiders just before Will Smith destroys them with a pun. But they're not all fictional: When everything has gone to hell, when the ship is sinking, when the shuttle is exploding, when that natural disaster is be


5 Tiny Computer Glitches That Caused Huge Disasters

There are certain jobs where making the same mistakes can cost companies billions of dollars, and sometimes costs people their lives.


6 Reasons Writing for the Internet is the Best Job Ever

Beyond just not wearing pants while typing this (though that certainly helps).


5 Things I Learned by Quitting the Internet

Recently, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and go offline for a week. That's right. One week with no personal email, social media, or Internet use of any kind.


The 5 Most Mind-Blowingly Huge Machines Built By Science

Right at this moment, scientists and engineers are in the process of building -- or using -- instruments that look like the engine for a Star Destroyer.


The 6 Types of People Selling Stuff on Craigslist [CHART]

The Internet's trailer park garage sale.


5 Energy Crisis Solutions Clearly Designed by a Supervillain

Sure, these potential power sources we're tapping into would normally be considered ridiculous, cartoony or just plain evil. But are they worse than coal?


5 Criminals Who Pulled Off Major Crimes With Only a Phone

When we think of criminals, we tend to think of two types: The street-level thug committing his crimes with a gun or a fist, and the upper-level management, dictating orders to the thugs below. But there's a third type: The guys who picks up the phone and decide that crime sounds like a fun thing to do today.


5 Unintentionally Hilarious Soviet Versions of Good Ideas

Naturally, the results were often ridiculous (but kind of awesome).


The 4 Worst Things About Writing for the Internet

Before you go trading in your medical degree and stethoscope for some whiskey and an Internet gun, there are a few things you should know about this place first.