Rani Baker

Before you ask, my name is pronounced "Rainy Baker". I write for a few different sites (Looper, Grunge, Transadvocate, Bunny Ears) these days, and perform music under the name Destroyed For Comfort. I created the video games Never Go To Work and Death Sword, which got good reviews on tech blog Boing Boing and was declared "Most Innovative" by Intel Buzz respectively. Maybe you've heard of me.

Now tell me more about you. I'm boring.

I have an infrequently updated website at http://destroyedforcomfort.com/
and also post articles to Medium here https://medium.com/@ranibaker

5 Insane File Sharing Panics from Before the Internet

Media piracy has been rampant throughout history... probably since the first guy to smear his feces on the wall in the shape of a buffalo turned around and immediately saw 50 more just like it being smeared on the walls behind him.

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