Genius Police Work That Caught Criminals Red-Handed

Donut-chomping TV detectives, meet your genius real-life counterparts.
Genius Police Work That Caught Criminals Red-Handed

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Look, we all get that actual police work is mostly filling out paperwork and handing out citations. But sometimes real-life cops are exactly as brilliant as their TV procedural counterparts, and catch criminals with genius moves like ...

A man was charged with murder based on his wife's Fitbit. A masked man broke into Richard Dabate's home, tied him up, and tortured him. When Dabate's
Genius Police Work That Caught Criminals Red-Handed
Pacemaker data busted an arsonist. hm 59-year-old Ross Compton swore he didn't start the fire that caused $400,000 worth of damages to his house. But
Mary Jane didn't leave tracks in the snow. Netherlands police were sure there was a marijuana operation going on in the town of Haarlem- they just had
Glitter is just as good as a fingerprint (or better). Alaska officers arrested Michael Alexander on kidnapping and murder charges based on the unique
Dead bugs ruined the perfect crime. 2B U In 2003, human garbage Vincent Brothers flew to Ohio to visit his brother, then immediately rented a car
A photo of a fingerprint nabbed a child molester. TEPSKI 634 Danish police officers brought in a sex offender on child pornography charges but they wa
(Tree) DNA caught a murderer. Yep. Trees. When a woman turned up strangled in Arizona with literally zero traces of anything useful to investigators o
Smart water meters indicated the cleaning up of a crime scene. Smart water meters can relay all kinds of fascinating data from monthly, daily, and eve
A serial killer was caught thanks to his love of pizza (and old-fashioned spy work). Los Angeles police came up with a unique plan to catch the elusiv
Photos left a paper trail. 2 11 GOLAVENOT KIMOT When three thieves handed a store clerk a photo of her own home to let her know this was indeed a stic
A burglar Was caught because he didn't flush the toilet. Andrew Jensen didn't get caught with his pants down, but he came awfully close. Jensen broke
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