20 Time-Saving Things We Do (That Don't Save Time)

20 Time-Saving Things We Do (That Don't Save Time)

So many people get stuck working on unimportant projects. We all spend a bit of time each morning reassuring ourselves that perhaps the initiatives you've taken on will positively impact the world in some major way. Then maybe you prioritize your projects so that the most important tasks get your time.

Everyone's in a rush, literally all the time. The thing is, there are things we do that make us feel like we're saving time, that absolutely do not save us a nanosecond. We realize this, and yet we do them anyway.

It turns out the reaper is heading unerringly for all of us and he cares not whether we park in reverse to save time pulling out, or even get super tactical and use our dishwasher's ‘quick wash’ feature. Nay--the sands of our lives drain ceaselessly through the hour glass of our lives, and no life hacker article can slow their passage or give us back our time.  With that said, some of this stuff is just plain dumb.

Things like ...

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