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The Atlas Centaur 5 exploded seconds after lift off. The launch pad couldn't be used for a whole year.


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This universal acceptance of Windows 10 is especially bizarre since it seems like people are forgetting all the shady stuff Microsoft has already pulled in their short history of updates.


5 Ways Modern Technology Is Ruining Your Life

Bluetooth and speakerphones don't do anything to help their user's distractedness, and in fact more car accidents are attributed to hands-free technology.


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Given the cornucopia of newfangled doodads we're immersed in daily, we tend be less aware of when our gadgets start sucking a wee bit more.


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One night I got wasted and decided I'd finally had enough Minion memes. So I decided to fire back at them in the most gangster way I knew how: I drafted a tweet about it.


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Our near-future will be filled with annoyances that will make us yearn for an ape and/or machine uprising.


5 Ways To Ruin Your Computer (Tested)

It turns out that a stubborn determination to fix something RIGHT NOW DAMMIT is not an especially good mindset when dealing with delicate, precision-oriented tasks.</p>