Rarely Seen Prototypes Of Modern Gadgets

Apple didn't always have its eye for sleek, modern design.
Rarely Seen Prototypes Of Modern Gadgets
Steve Jobs didn't just cough up the iPhone 11 one day; gadgets that advanced take decades of innovative iteration. Countless versions of our favorite products have never seen the light of day, often for good reason.

Here's a look at some extremely clunky early prototypes of modern technology:
The first proper laptop D0OBA There were earlier devices that could technically fit on your lap, but the Osborne 1 (1981) was the first truly mobile c
The first push-button phone JKL MNO PRO AT&T took its first wobbly step away from the rotary dial in 1963. Can you imagine a world in which the pound
The original Xbox XBox This aluminum behemoth accompanied Bill Gates on his GDC 2000 keynote when he announced Microsoft's foray into console gaming.
Bashful, the ipad prototype This was Steve Job's first attempt to 'put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you.
The first LEGO toy LEGO didn't get into the brick game until the 1940's, more than a decade after producing this wooden duck.
The Apple APPLe COMIPUTER Apple's first product was actually just a circuit board. Users had to add their own keyboards, monitors, and custom cases.
Super Mario Bros. 2 BOMB BOM The American version of SMB 2 is just a reskin of a Japanese game called Doki Doki Panic.
The first cell phone aucoce ullce Martin Cooper created the Motorola DynaTAC in 1973. The first call he made was to a wrong number.
The original Atari The first Atari was slapped together in 3 months, and cost less than $500 in parts.
The first iphone AORNELD Apple has been experimenting with touchscreen phones since 1983.
The super Soaker prototype Inventor Lonnie Johnson, a NASA developer, came up with the idea when a heat pump prototype sprung a leak.
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