20 Surprising Original Uses For Modern Products


Things just don't always turn out the way you thought they might. A dim view of that is Junior Kimbrough's classic album, “Most Things Haven't Worked Out,” but another, sunny-side way to look at it is that often things change for the better. People that create things are obviously aiming for a certain outcome, but they'll tell you: it certainly doesn't always turn out the way they planned.

And that's just fine - it's all about taking the process from beginning to end and learning along the way. You cannot be wedded to a certain outcome. That kind of inflexibility is going to ultimately drive you nuts when something doesn’t follow the intended trajectory.

So yeah, party people - the process of innovation isn't always a straight line; sometimes it's more of a scribble. Here are 20 products whose intended purposes were completely different than their modern uses. Hopefully the inventors were still just as proud.

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