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2014 Summarized in 140 Characters or Less

If you've been living under a rock, in a cave, or just spent the entire year high off gas fumes then don't worry, we've got your back on all the news you missed out on.


6 Insane Real Police Responses to Clearly Fake Crimes

You literally cannot believe your eyes anymore. And someone needs to tell the authorities that.


5 Reasons We Will Always Blame the Victim

Sometimes the only difference between victim blaming and vigilantism is your dedication to the cause.


2 New Shirts for 'Hunger Games' and Groot Fans

Sriracha has as much identity as any district, nation, or mockingjay.


5 Surprising Insider Facts About Welfare

The biggest waste of taxpayer dollars on welfare is the money we spend trying to prevent people from getting welfare.


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7 Ways My Modern Country Turned Into a Dystopia Overnight

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19 Surprisingly Sexist Messages in Modern Pop Culture

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4 Types of Ebola Panic That Are Secretly Racist

Ebola is something of a perfect storm of panic. It appeals to weird things buried in society, exploiting a lot of fears that we should've outgrown decades ago.