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The 5 Most Insane Twist Endings Of Real Missing Person Cases

Modern technology makes it pretty difficult for a person to drop off the face of the Earth. But back when that was more common, missing persons cases used to get super weird.


5 Huge Problems You Thought Went Away (Definitely Did Not)

Sometimes, problems don't actually go away; we just stop talking about them as much for some reason.


5 Horrifying Lessons From The Day My School Killed Someone

Diana Achieng's school simulated a terrorist attack back in November 2015. Sadly, while the attack itself was fake, the dozens of injuries and one fatality it caused were all too real.


Donald Trump Is The JFK For Millennials (Seriously, Folks)

The parallels between the two are a little unsettling.


The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (8/9)

Sure, you could keep up with the news. but then you'd miss out on the balls-to-the-wall action of Olympic mixed doubles badminton.


21 Signs That Story You're About To Share Is Secretly B.S.

Pro tip: It's useful to actually read an article before commenting angrily on it.


5 Lesser-Known Problems Plaguing The 2016 Summer Olympics

So we're really doing this? After all of the awful and unfortunate news and advisories emanating from Brazil these days, the entire world is still going to meet up there for sporting reasons?


The Baffling Stories Behind Our Epidemic Of Mass Killers

Don't tell me the attacks are 'inexplicable.' Anything can be explained.


The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (8/2)

Look, we get it. Those Gilmore Girls aren't going to binge-watch themselves. That's why we quickly summarized the most ridiculous recent news stories.


The 5 Most Exciting (And Gross) Realities Of Life In A Tank

We don't want to glamorize violence, but c'mon... tanks are awesome. That's why we set out to learn more. Here's what we discovered.


24 News Stories Too Hopeful For The Media To Report Them

Despite what the media reports, there are good things going on around the world.


Republicans Think Hillary Clinton Is A Literal Witch

Remember that time Ben Carson said Hillary Clinton was in cahoots with the devil?


8 Reasons My Therapist Wants Greg (And Can't Have Him)

Jane asks me a lot of questions about the boys I date ... especially Greg. And she's extremely disapproving. Like overly disapproving.