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5 Weird Ways America Has Returned To The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages earned that name at least in part because there's a noticeable lack of contemporary records, a trait eerily similar to our country today.


18 News Stories That Forgot To Tell You The Best Part

Well, maybe Steve Harvey's gaff was some sort of karmic retribution in the end.


The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (2/9)

The news is like an alarm that sounds 24 hours a day, alternately screaming that you're going to die and that you need to ask your doctor about erectile dysfunction pills.


5 Realities Of Smog So Bad It Blots Out The Sun

Beijing, we're finding out, has the kind of pollution that makes it seem like you're downwind from a freaking volcano eruption.


6 Ugly Things You Learn About Donald Trump Reading His Books

May my Kindle forgive me for what I have done to it.


15 'Real' Headlines The Media's Too Afraid To Write (2/05)

'Idris Elba Gets Two Consolation Prizes For His Oscar Snub'


5 Things That Shouldn't Be Sold Online (But Totally Are)

Brass knuckles? Paper weights? What's the actual difference anyway?


4 Reasons Flint's Water Crisis Is Worse Than You Think

The incompetence and lying behind the scenes that led to the lead-laced water poisoning thousands of people is as staggering as it is terrifying.


The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (2/2)

Trying to keep up with the news is like trying to binge-watch every movie in the 'Gory Psychological Horror' and 'Violent Political Drama' categories on Netflix.


5 Insane Problems All Women In Comedy Deal With Eventually

Being a comedian as well as a lady comes with a different set of challenges and advantages. (Mostly just challenges.)


4 Ways The Presidential Race Has Destroyed Iowa

All the red-white-and-blue hullabaloo that visits Iowa once every four years makes life really, really strange for the people who live there.


19 'Real' Headlines The Media Is Too Afraid To Write (1/29)

'Walking Joke Supports Running Joke.'


4 Groups You Lose Faith In While Working For Charity

Working for for a charitable cause is a noble and amazing endeavor that will inevitably let you down at some point.


The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (1/26)

Trying to keep up with the news is like trying to clean up post-blizzard snow drifts by pissing on them.


23 'Real' Headlines The Media's Too Afraid To Write- 1/24/16

Cheap gas spurs Mad Max-like rush to the gas station.