Rankings are made to be argued over.  You're in luck, as this collection of the amazing movie chunks of all time is bound to spark a brawl. That is how important cinema is to the most ardent moviegoers. So creating a single, conclusive convention that caters to all tastes is practically impossible... but that's not going to stop us by trying suddenly. In anything from nativist blockbuster films to arthouse old favorites, romantic comedies to slasher films, Oscar winners to unseen rarities, wide-ranging epics to intimate personality studies can be found on this ever-changing list of the world films ever made.

The Olympics would be a lot more entertaining when they include a badass impossible challenge race like they used to have. Furthermore, you could outfit all of the participants with a GoPro as well as stream their feeds today. Anyway, here's another packet of Now-You-Know facts about old-school Olympic events, as well as 12 other things:

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