There's fairly basic and well-known cons that almost anyone with a knack for social manipulation can pull off. Indeed, scams are so closely connected with Nigeria that several scammers outside non-Nigerian nations are aware that they will have an extra, Shaggy levellayer of "It wasn't me" that could obfuscate their identity.

Let’s take the best illustration. Have you ever been so desperate for love, care and nurturing that you'd impersonate a woman's dead son to be let into her home? Well, Arthur Orton apparently was. The fact that he was British and far fatter than the deceased Frenchman did not seem to bother him.

A fool's dignity is easily separated from him. And we have a feeling that many people spend a lot of time trying to reclaim their dignity after falling for these very evident ruses. So consider this a public service announcement: people will always be out there trying to con the ignorant folk. Don't be one of the knuckleheads.

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Source: NPR


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