13 Movie (And Other Stuff) Little-Known Facts

Here’s a fresh batch of fascinating, yet true facts.
13 Movie (And Other Stuff) Little-Known Facts

Who doesn't aspire to be a brilliant communicator? There are very few things quite as rewarding as elegantly presenting some truly startling knowledge with your employees, colleagues, or somebody you're trying to wow with your brilliant intellect and odd predilection for interesting but useless trivia. This is why we've compiled a list of 13 esoteric facts you may share with anyone to make them wonder whether you're truly a genius. (Don’t worry, no one needs to know the truth).

We couldn’t say which we were more surprised by: how much money Walmart loses in shoplifting and theft every year, or what percentage of their actual revenue it is.

IKEA's naming system, it turns out, is simply the founder's desire to make life easier for himself. Maybe the next thing we'll learn is that Amazon's categories are based on Jeff Bezos' online shopping habits. What are you waiting for? Continue reading for more information and other goodies:

A Big Helping Of Little-Known About Movies (And Other Stuff)You can't legally buy alcohol in 000 U.S. jurisdictions.
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