Twitter, Facebook Will Transfer Donald Trump's POTUS Accounts to Joe Biden

Twitter, Facebook Will Transfer Donald Trump's POTUS Accounts to Joe Biden

Ahh, Donald Trump's Twitter. Home of POTUS dubbing himself a "very stable genius" ... 

... "FAKE NEWS!"...

and the "covfefe" fiasco ... 

... which now apparently has its own dedicated Wikipedia page ... 

... as well as a government act.

Considered by some to be a national nuisance, President Trump's tweets has sparked several think pieces, feminist merch, and even a charity that sends "micro-donations" to black-led justice organizations every time 45 presses that post button. Yet to the delight of many, POTUS's days of aggressively posting on his official presidential platform are numbered, as Twitter says they will turn over the President's official account to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day, regardless of whether Trump concedes. 

"Twitter is actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021," a spokesperson for the platform told The Verge. "As we did for the presidential transition in 2017, this process is being done in close consultation with the National Archives and Records Administration." The tweets on President Trump's account, along with other official pages, including that of the White House, the Vice President, and the First Lady will all be archived and reset to zero posts before being taken over by the Biden administration. 

Although Trump may be losing his presidential account, he can still tweet from his personal account just in case you somehow miss the frantic anxiety of reading the off-the-rails late-night rants of an ex-President. It should be noted that the tweets mentioned above are from his personal account, which he uses much more frequently than his presidential one. That said, his official account regularly retweets the content he posts on his personal account and once this switch occurs, President Trump will no longer have special protection, meaning if he says anything that violates Twitter's terms of service, his account may be suspended or removed. One can only hope... 

And it's not just Twitter. Facebook says they plan to follow suit, handing over the official accounts to the Biden administration "In 2017, we worked with both the Obama Administration and incoming Trump Administration to make sure the transition of their Facebook and Instagram accounts was seamless on January 20th, and we expect to do the same here."

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