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Bad Chewbacca? [COMIC]

This is how frustrating married life can be for Han and Leia.


11 Celebrities Who Were Secretly Total Badasses

For these actors, being an action hero is turning it down a notch.


Bridalplasty: The New Reality Show That Proves We're Doomed

On a slightly related note, I hereby officially retire from watching television.


The 8 Manliest Foreign Movie Posters Ever

Modern American movie posters suck, but that doesn't mean the art is dead. It's just been outsourced, like everything else, to South Asia.


7 Movie Badasses (Who Completely Fail To Deliver)

Often when it comes that time for a movie badass to live up to his title, he just ends up being profoundly disappointing.


6 Deadly Injuries You Only Survive in the Movies (Update) Calling BS on movies since 1958.


Why The New Green Lantern Movie Looks So Familiar

I can't tell if I'm watching a trailer or a combination of clips from every other superhero movie ever shot. Either this is the work of a very clever editor, or there isn't a single original moment in the entire trailer.


4 Reasons 3-D Movies Don't Have to Suck

It's just a big stupid gimmick, right? If they're going to try to charge you up to $20 a ticket, you better damn well be getting something amazing out of it. But instead all you get is a big headache and something occasionally jumping out of the screen at you. Right? Actually, there are ways to use 3D to actually make movies better.


The 5 Most Easily Avoidable Movie Deaths

Why is it that when a character has to die, they often have to dive through mind-boggling hoops in the process? Here are a few that simply defy all logic and common sense.


Sneak Preview of the Harry Potter Sequel!

To get this scoop before everyone else, Cracked used all of its reporting ingenuity and resources -- a USB thumb drive and a monkey with some extremely questionable training -- to acquire a draft of the first chapter of Rowling's new novel.


The Biggest Star Wars Plot Hole, Explained By Science

Fans jokingly refer to it as 'Stormtrooper aim.' But it's not lazy film-making (or at least, not just that): There's actually a perfectly logical, scientific reason behind this behavior. Soldiers in real wars behave in exactly the same way.


4 Reasons Terminators Suck At Their Jobs

Terminators were the worst idea in history. Here are all the reasons they suck.


The 6 Most Inexplicable Skills Displayed in Action Movies

But sometimes action movies take annoying liberties, showing everyday dudes doing things that, in the real world, take weeks or months to learn. And damn it, we're not just going to let them get away with it.


The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Moments from Indian Action Movies

there is a small state in India called Tamil Nadu that's been churning out movies which prove, without a doubt, that they can do action every bit as well as we can, plus throw in a hurricane, eight bears, a dance number and a bitchin' goat jump on top.


The 5 Most Wildly Illegal Court Rulings in Movie History

We love when justice is served in movies. Unfortunately, much of the time it's only because a screenwriter twisted the law beyond recognition.