Aaron Paul Was Almost Francis Plus 14 More 'Malcolm In The Middle' Facts

Aaron Paul Was Almost Francis Plus 14 More 'Malcolm In The Middle' Facts

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Before he became the proud owner of an olive oil store, Frankie Muniz starred in Malcolm In The Middle. The show kicked off the single camera revolution and may or may not be a prequel or sequel to Breaking Bad, depending on how conspiratorial we're feeling by the end of this so join us as we probe deeper into Malcolm In The Middle.

Frankie Muniz's Memory Issues May Be Overblown

Frankie Muniz as Malcolm

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What's been said publicly is sometimes contradictory, like when he told People he's “only reminded of how bad memory is” when friends ask him about specific events, which other places described as “severe memory loss.” It all started on Dancing With The Stars, where he talked about how important journaling was to him. He later told Steve-O on Wild Ride With Steve-O that the whole “doesn't remember Malcolm In The Middle thing is untrue. Muniz sounds like a fascinating person with a busy life, which may not lead to the most total of recalls sometimes. Then again, he's had some brain trauma. Only he knows what's in his brain, as he says, and it sounds like he's a little more cognizant than people make him out to be. 

Same World as Breaking Bad?

Walter White with beard

Ursula Coyote/AMC

Pictured: when your wife won't shave your body hair at the breakfast table

Practically preordained by the same Law Of What The Internet Thinks Is Funny that gave script edits to Snakes On A Plane, the good folks in Hollywood shot an “it was all a dream” ending to Breaking Bad where Walter White wakes up as Hal. Ha ha, let's all have a good laugh. The two shows couldn't possibly exist in the same universe. Or could they? 

Linwood Boomer Said Cranston Should “Look Like He's Building a Rocket Ship In His Head”

Bryan Cranston as Hal

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“Science, B—(censored for network television)

Okaywaitasecondhearusout: Malcolm creator Linwood Boomer thought Hal should be a man with a vibrant internal life, saying “he's actually building a rocket ship in his head.” So the plan for Bryan Cranston to play a character who believed himself beyond the tedium of bourgeois domestic bliss while fantasizing about scientific greatness has been in place for a while. We're not saying, we're just…actually what are we saying? Nothing. It's just some fun parallels. Man, thought we were really gonna Pepe Silvia this who Malcolm/Breaking Bad crossover. Alas.  

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