20 of the Greatest Improvised Weapons in Pop Culture

A weapon can't be everything, but everything can be a weapon.
20 of the Greatest Improvised Weapons in Pop Culture

Anyone can shoot a gun, swing a sword, or rock a mace into a person’s skull. Sure, if you want to be good with a weapon, you’ll need to actually train but there are several instances where an amateur has used a weapon to kill someone. Hell, that’s the purpose of a weapon: to physically disable or kill. However, while weapons cannot become everything, everything can become a weapon.

With the right amount of skill, stubbornness, necessity, or all three put together, any object can become a deadly weapon for someone. In fact, several movies put random objects in the hands of protagonists to use as a makeshift weapon against their opposing forces. Many of these objects are the most mundane thing in your home. Some of them, however, require a little bit of creativity and ingenuity.

Here are some of the best improvised weapons on display on television, film, games, and comic books.

A Pencil

Improvised weapons in pop culture John Wick PENCIL The pen might be mightier than the sword, but pencils will straight up murder you. John Wick and Joker are just two folks that can kill a guy with a sharp standard #2 pencil. The Dark Knight CRACKED.COM

An Umbrella

Improvised weapons in pop culture Batman Returns UMBRELLA A gentleman's weapon that can serve as a blunt staff or cudgel, and can protect you from the rain. You can even trick it out with firearms, a hidden sword, or other sorts of violent surprises, too. Kingsman: The Secret Service CRACKED.COM

A Frying Pan

Improvised weapons in pop culture Tangled FRYING PAN While often a gag weapon for women characters or homemakers, a solid pan can seriously crack skulls whenever you're through cracking eggs. The Lord of the Rings CRACKED.COM

A Sex Toy

Improvised weapons in pop culture Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels SEX TOYS What gives you pleasure can also give you pain, especially when the toy is used as a floppy, rubbery club rather than an insertion device. (Well, sometimes the insertion part can be painful, too.) Everything Everywhere All at Once CRACKED.COM

A Hammer

Improvised weapons in pop culture Oldboy HAMMER An everyday claw hammer can do more than just nail pictures to walls or fix your shed. It can nail enemies to the ground and fix them dead. Drive CRACKED.COM

A Lamp

Improvised weapons in pop culture Screwed LAMP If you ever feel threatened, just grab a nearby lamp to conk a dude on the head. After that, they'll go lights out. (Yeah, we hate ourselves for that pun, too.) CRACKED.COM

A Nazi Coin

Improvised weapons in pop culture 5 X-Men: First Class 45 THE 1934 NAZI COIN This weapon is mostly applicable if you have Nazi paraphernalia and the mutant ability to control magnetic fields. So pretty much this one instance, unless you're a polarized Proud Boy. CRACKED.COM

A Peanut

Improvised weapons in pop culture PEANUT When you have impossibly perfect marksmanship, your target doesn't have to be allergic to peanut in order to be assaulted. (Or unsalted. Get it?) Daredevil (2003) CRACKED.COM

An Oak Branch

Improvised weapons in pop culture OAK BRANCH They call him Thorin Oakenshield for a reason. If a branch is sturdy enough for quality wooden furniture, it can definitely help protect you from attacks and bludgeon others in a skirmish. The Hobbit CRACKED.COM

Flash Paper

Improvised weapons in pop culture Now You See Mee BURNING FLASH PAPER Whether it's to blind a foe via fireball or just a distraction before delivering a punch, simple flash paper can get the job done. Professional wrestling CRACKED.COM


Improvised weapons in pop culture The Mupper Show FISH By the time a person registers that their face has been bruised by the wet smack and scraped by the sharp scales of a dead fish, it'll be the fourth or fifth Team Fortress 2 time they've been struck. CRACKED.COM


Improvised weapons in pop culture Mystery Men DINNER CUTLERY Throwing knives? You're thinking small. Throwing knives with throwing forks, throwing spoons, and maybe even throwing sporks and ladles? Now you're opening up your mind to culinary combat. CRACKED.COM

A Cricket Bat

Improvised weapons in pop culture Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CRICKET BAT Whether or not you understand the sport is immaterial. All you need to know is that a cricket bat has the heft of a baseball bat with the surface area of a paddle, so you can smack the hell out of anybody. Feese 6 SHAU - GUT Shaun of the Dead CRACKED.COM

A Chicken Bone

Improvised weapons in pop culture Sudden Death CHICKEN BONE Jean-Claude Van Damme showcases why you should always debone your chicken and/or eat your wings slowly. If you don't choke on a chicken bone, you could always get stabbed with one. CRACKED.COM

Anything Near Jackie Chan

Improvised weapons in pop culture ANYTHING JACKIE CHAN TOUCHES A ladder, a bench, a fridge... damn near anything can be used against you in high impact, comedic fashion. Whatever you do, don't piss him off at a Walmart. CRACKED.COM

A Chainsaw Attached to Your Wrist Stump

Improvised weapons in pop culture Evil Dead/Army of Darkness CHAINSAW HAND Ingenuity, thy name is chainsaw hand. Ash not only found a suitable replacement for his lost appendage, but one that can tear up anything in his way. CRACKED.COM

A Car Turned a Pair of Boxing Gloves

Improvised weapons in pop culture The Incredible Hulk CARS TURNED INTO BOXING GLOVES Do you ever find yourself as a raging green giant, but you don't want to hurt your hands while punching things to Hell? The Hulk recommends ripping any ol' car in half and using the bumpers to protect your knuckles. CRACKED.COM

A Book

Improvised weapons in pop culture John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum BOOK Blunt, heavy, and full of wisdom, a book is the perfect bludgeon in close quarters combat. Plus, you have something to read when you are forced to go into hiding after the murder. The Bourne Ultimatum CRACKED.COM

A Bathroom

Improvised weapons in pop culture Fatal Attraction BATHROOMS There are so many things to bang, bludgeon, throw, and drown your opponent inside a bathroom. Just bounce their head around like you're playing porcelain pin-pong and they'll be flushed out. Austin Powers CRACKED.COM

A Large Man

Improvised weapons in pop culture INNNOOOO Punisher A LARGE MAN Sometimes to beat a big man, you just need a bigger man to just clobber and smother him with. It's goofy, but you can't deny how effective it is. FHLUMMYP GUMF CRACKED.COM
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