Sports Anime To Watch So You Don’t Have to Go Outside

Sports Anime To Watch So You Don’t Have to Go Outside

It’s fall, which means you’re supposed to spend the last days of nice weather with your favorite outdoor sports… touch football, casual games of frisbee with friends, if you’re rich you can go horseback riding. Hard pass on all that. You didn’t go outside this summer, so why would you start now? Don’t do it. Moving around is great theoretically, but in practice, going outside is the worst. You can still get the thrill and honestly, more than half of the experience of all that “sports” noise by staying inside and watching the best sports anime ever made.  

Ace of Diamond


This is better than apple picking.

It’s a classic anime setup. A hot shot kid who has some obstacles to overcome gets into a prestigious high school that seems to only care about the thing that kid is good at. In the case of Ace of Diamond, that thing is baseball. What once was America’s pastime is now Japan’s favorite sport and this series follows a young pitcher who whips ass at it… most of the time. In the States we used to like baseball, but now our favorite sport is guessing how much that ER visit is going to cost us and if we’ll have to sell our mom’s one good kidney to pay for it.

Run With The Wind

Production I.G

This will probably inspire you to go for a run… um… tomorrow.

Ok this one is set in a college instead of a high school, so buckle up. Each of the characters on this ragtag team of runners has their own reasons for wanting to run in one of the most important college age races in Japan. Finding out what makes them keep going, mile after mile, is a great excuse to stay inside and rest your weary bones.


Production I.G

Definitely more fun than that hike you've been meaning to plan.

Arguably the most popular sports anime to date, Haikyuu! focuses on the world of high school volleyball. You guessed it, one kid is really good at it and goes to a high school that’s obsessed with it. But oopsie, his middle school rival is there too. It’s an enemies to friends story that has made audiences the world over give a crap about volleyball, an impressive feat in and of itself.

Yuri!!! On Ice



It’s got everything. And by everything we mean the only two things that matter: figure skating and a steamy gay romance hot enough to melt an Olympic rink. Just watch it.

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