20 Celebrities With Surprising Sports Skills

20 Celebrities With Surprising Sports Skills

Fall is the time of year when most Americans unite to sit on their couches to watch current sporting events. While they all have different start dates and end dates to their seasons, fall is when football, basketball, hockey, and baseball cross over with one another. We celebrate these athletes this Autumn, but we here at Cracked want to extend kudos to the forgotten athletes: celebrities!

Believe or not (but you should believe), some of your favorite actors, musicians, and other performers from film and TV were lauded athletes before you knew them from *insert television show/movie/album here*. A stand-up comedian/political pundit was an all-state soccer player. An astrophysicist and show host was an undefeated high school wrestler. An actor may have fallen just short of being in the U.S. Olympic archery team, but won an Oscar.

Here are 20 well-known celebrities whose talents extend to the physical.

Steve Carell

Sport Celebrities Steve Carell played Division II hockey at Denison University, and even considered a career in the NHL. CRACKED.COM


Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Sport Celebrities Neil DeGrasse Tyson pinned fools between equations as an undefeated high school wrestler. Не captained the team and went on to wrestle at Harvard. CRACKED.COM


Jon Stewart

Sport Celebrities Jon Stewart was a collegiate soccer player for William & Mary. CRACKED.COM


Keanu Reeves

Sport Celebrities Keanu Reeves was the MVP goalie for the De La Salle College hockey team. Не was nicknamed The Wall. CRACKED.COM


Joel McHale

Sport Celebrities EY THE ME PALEY CENTER CENTER FOR FEST ES FOR CENTER MEDIA CENTER! THI FOR THE Joel McHale walked on as a tight end for the University of Washington's football team, and has a Rose Bowl ring. R ME NTE CRACKED.COM


Denzel Washington

Sport Celebrities Denzel Washington was a guard for Fordham University's basketball team. CRACKED.COM


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