18 Plant-Based Fictional Characters That Grew

18 Plant-Based Fictional Characters That Grew

Anthropomorphic animals are something humans can relate to in popular culture. They’re in all sorts of movies, television shows, and even folklore. We have a connection to animals, as a lot of them have skeletons, a circulatory system, skin, and hair like we do. Seeing an animal-human hybrid is unusual but unsurprising. Seeing a plant-humanoid? That’s something else.

As many plant-based characters in pop culture tend to preach, plants are an important life force in our world. They clean the air, provide renewable resources and food supplies, and can just plain look pretty. In spite of all of this, we tend to give them the shaft in favor of animals. Hell, many of us prefer to eat animals rather than plants!

It’s time we give the plant-based creatures in our media their due. To start us off, here is a list of some of the best flora-based characters within our favorite TV shows, films, comics, and more!

The Floronic Man

PLANT-BASED FICTIONAL CHARACTERS AAAAHAKH! DC COMICS THE FLORONIC MAN Depending on who is writing the comic, The Floronic Man is a botanist, a former avatar of The Green, or just a plant-controlling maniac from another dimension. In any case, he's worth a look. CRACKED.COM

Comic Vine

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