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Britney Spears Is Hopefully One Step Closer To Being Free

If you've seen the hashtag.


Even Taylor Swift Is Done With This BS

Taylor Swift is going in on politics like it's one of her ex-boyfriends.


Sam Neill From 'Jurassic Park' Runs the Best Farm Now

'What’s amusing me today? It's mostly my duck.'


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George R.R. Martin Got Into Some Racist Trouble At The Hugo Awards

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6 Little-Known Weird Tales From Famous Weirdos

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Mickey Rourke Wants To Fight Elon Musk (For Johnny Depp's Honor)

Kids, stay off of social media or a celebrity might threaten to kick your ass.


It's Hard To Imagine, But Ellen Might Not Be So Nice

Apparently saying "Be Kind" and actually doing it are two very different things.


Guy From 'Westworld' Doesn't Like To Talk About His African Gold Mine

Who knew being a celebrity gold digger would have negative consequences?


No One Has Ever Un-Apologized Harder Than Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon's apology reversal is unlike anything you'll ever see.


We Need More Than Just Bill Nye To Speak Up About Wearing Masks

No celebrity video is going to be as effective as the President telling his supporters to wear a mask.


Incredibly Stupid Man, Kanye West, Might Get People Killed

Kanye West is a dangerous idiot.


Rich Artists Pen Letter Demanding You Let Them Hate In Peace

This is truly the most oppressed anyone has been in history.


5 Celebrities Whose Side Projects Are Pure Yikes

These definitely aren't 'Paul Newman gave us delicious lemonade' kinds of situations.