23 Funny, Awkward or Unbelievable Celebrity Encounters

You can definitely hear that sentence in Arnold’s voice
23 Funny, Awkward or Unbelievable Celebrity Encounters

Celebrities might be just like us, but meeting one can still be a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Being able to say you gave directions to Harrison Ford at a New Jersey gas station, for example, is pretty cool. But on the other end of the spectrum, such a chance encounter can also yield some awkward or nightmarish results. Like in the case of these poor starstruck Redditors…

frackincylon . 1 11y My family and I bumped into Richard Simmons in Italy while waiting to see Michelangelo's David. After getting a picture with him, he looked my dad in the eye's and said you are just a lovely man and kissed him on the lips. ... 631
justinly . 1 11y I was flying to japan when I was very young. Being in an airport and having to wait made me very agitated. I began throwing a tantrum and the man beside me asked if he could play with me and my toys. Little did I know that man was Jackie Chan ... 291
1_love . 11y My dad's friend is a teamster and was working on one of Arnie's movies. As Arnold was walking to the set he turns to the teamsters and says What does a man with a 10 penis eat for breakfast They all turn to each other and shrug. Arnie smiles Toast. and walks away ... 536
Acidgypsy . 1 11y My family is friends with Bruce Springsteen and his family because my mom grew up with him and his siblings, and apparently when i was a baby the first time he held me I peed on him... ... 448
idlesense . . 11y I saw Tracy Morgan walking down the street in New York City. I shouted to my friend, HEY! Its Tracy Morgan! Tracy hears me turns around and says, oh shit! Where? and looks around, then continues walking... ... 152
Bunbury42. 11y I got a picture with Devin Townsend after a concert he played. I put an arm on his shoulder. Being he just played a set, he was kinda sweaty. For some reason, this surprised me and I said Oh, you're moist. Не laughed
mossyskeleton . 11y Demonstrated to Supreme Court Justice Kennedy how to operate his shower in a hotel room, while he was standing there watching wearing only a towel. (Yes, I had to show one of our Supreme Court Justices how to turn on the shower.)
Mr_Snuts . . 11y My brother was at comic con and went to the bathroom and was taking a leak at the urinal..he looks and see's its pretty much empty so he lets out a huge fart..then he hears, RIGHT BACK ATCHA BRO and a HUGEEEE fart come from the stalls. Washes his hands and Jason Mewes walks out of the stall.. ... 719
peecatchwho 11y Harrison Ford asked me and my dad for directions. We were filling up the car at a local gas station, and a big, white SUV pulls up close to us. A tall man gets out, and dad realizes he's walking up to us... so he stops, turns around, and has the HOLY SHIT, IT'S HARRISON FORD moment. Ford was really nice, and asked us for directions to the airport. My dad, being a jokester, told him that he never expected Indiana Jones to be lost in a little town like Morristown, to which Harrison replied, Ah, Indiana Jones
MafuZa . 11y Not my own interaction, but my friend's. I'll post it anyways. So my friend and his dad were at a restaurant when the singer Björk walks past them. The dad says loudly and awkwardly Hey, look son! It's Björk! Björk looked at them with killer eyes and said I am NOT a caged animal ... 57
AdmiralCheesecake . 11y My mom almost ran over Celine Dion once. I don't know if she's lying or not. ... 7
EskimoEd 11y Ginger spice asked directions to the cinema. We were standing next to it. ... 11
wearsredsox 11y I met Joel McHale after a stand up show of his a few years ago. I chatted for a minute, then my mom goes to hug him and would not let go. He's looking at me over her shoulder like wtf? and all I could do was laugh awkwardly. Afterwards, my mom justified it by saying she'll never meet him again and she thinks he's hot. ... 16
booktroll . 11y Saddest- I got hit on by Gary Busey. I went up to meet him and he said Hello there pretty girl...... shivers at the memory
Kirkenjerk 11y Bruce Springsteen visited my grandfathers resturaunt once and I happened to be there when he was siting down at a table. I was young and was eating spaghetti for dinner. My mother told me to go say hello. All the while having spaghetti in my mouth. I approached his table and as I was about to say hello I sneezed and one of the spaghetti noodles shot out of my nose and hung there like a giant booger. Не started (Bruce) laughing uncontrollably. I walked away in complete embarrassment. ... 8
 12 yr. ago Not me, but my dad was at a conference once and was representing IBM in a booth by himself one weekend years ago in Vancouver. Anyway, just minding his own business, who comes to ask him questions but the one and only Robin Williams. Не was just looking around like any other ordinary guy at the time (as Robin is a total nerd, apparently), and the conversation went something like this: Robin: So tell me about your products! Dad: explains and somehow mentions Windows 98 coming out Robin: You don't speak Japanese do you? Dad: Oh
girlfacekilla 11y Met the Ying Yang twins in the airport in Frankfurt waiting on a flight to Atlanta. The plain had screens built in to the back of all the seats where you could log in to play games, watch movies, etc. Decided to play some trivia game, noticed by his login name that one of the Twins was playing too. One of the questions was What was Eminem's real name? Ying Yang Twin got it wrong. ... 2
ramb08585 . 11y I was helping my cousin move so he had a big moving van. This was in hollywood, so the street was tiny as fuck and was having trouble backing out, inching back and forth ya know. A guy in a newspaper boy hat comes up and asks if we need help, so my cousin turns unaware of who it is and says you talkin to me? to find it was Robert Deniro offering to help us. ... 3
xanthine_junkie . 11y In california many years ago, I saw arnold swarzenegger walking near the beach. Не was headed to his car and I wanted to say something before he got in and left, and felt silly running towards him so I just blurted out.. You Rock Arnold!' With a stern look he replied simply, I am not in a band.. but it sounded more like 'um nod unna bond' ... 1.2k
thebosstonian . 11y I don't remember it, but my dad insists this is true: When I was 4 years old I saw Whoopie Goldberg at the grocery store (mind you this was in the early 90s so it was arguably the peak of her career) so approached her and said Wow, you're ALMOST as famous as the Ninja Turtles!! ... 425
therxbandit 11y I was staying at a hotel in Salt Lake City when I was 17 with family. We were preparing to go to dinner, and I was eager to leave, so I decided to go down the hotel lobby and wait for my parents there. I went to the elevator, got in, and the doors began to close. Right as the doors were about to close, ВАМ, an arm comes shooting in-between the doors. The doors retract back to reveal Adam West. Не gets in the elevator with me, looks to make sure I'm going to the lobby, smiles,
kneekaps 11y a couple of years ago my mom was Jennifer Love Hewitt's personal makeup artist for the show Ghost Whisperer. I was sitting in the makeup trailer and Jamie Kennedy walks in, comes up to me, and asks Hey dude, boxers of briefs? Confused, I say uhhh... boxers? Не then laughs and says, NOPE, COMMANDO! and proceeds to pull down his pants and completely moons me.
bathori . 11y I was with a friend who had a film at the Toronto Film Festival many years ago and we were at the roof restaurant of a private club having a few drinks. Conan O'Brien stumbles over and trips and sort of lands across our table. His buddy pulls him up to maneuver him toward the door but Conan sweeps his arm over toward us and slurs (loudly) THEEESSE ARE MY FANZZZZZZZZZZZ ... 206
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