The Voice of Porky Pig Names His Three Favorite Pork Products

The Voice of Porky Pig Names His Three Favorite Pork Products

“I was five years old when I told my parents I wanted to be Porky Pig. I got into the voice-over business specifically to do this character,” says Bob Bergen, who has voiced the iconic Looney Tunes swine in myriad movies and TV shows since inheriting the role from Porky’s original voice, Mel Blanc, in 1990. (Well, technically, Bergen tells me that an actor named Joe Dougherty voiced him first, from 1935 to 1937, but then Blanc took over and remained Porky until Blanc’s death in 1989.)

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Anyway, while it’s probably safe to say that no one else on Earth loves Porky Pig as much as Bob Bergen, that’s not going to stop him from ordering a mouthwatering BLT every now and then. He’s even putting together a book called Porky Dishes, where he talks about his career as Porky and, as a delightful gag, offers a pork recipe with every chapter. Which led me to ask Bergen for his three favorite pork products, including how he likes them served. 


“I love very crisp, thick-sliced bacon,” Bergen says. “Costco’s thick bacon, cooked really crisp, in a cast-iron skillet, on a barbecue grill. I especially like it in a BLT or with eggs.” 


“I love carnitas,” Bergen explains. “My favorite carnitas — other than the ones I make myself — come from a place called Casa Vega on Ventura Boulevard. They have the best carnitas of any Mexican restaurant — ask for them extra well done.”

Honey Baked Ham

“Finally, while I haven’t eaten one lately, you can’t go wrong with a honey-baked ham,” Bergen tells me. “And honey-baked ham looks like a giant Porky Pig butt.”

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