Twitter’s Best Dunks on ‘Variety’ Mistakenly Thinking Jimmy Fallon Was in ‘Taxi Driver’

‘You talkin’ to me?’ *smirks smugly at the camera*
Twitter’s Best Dunks on ‘Variety’ Mistakenly Thinking Jimmy Fallon Was in ‘Taxi Driver’

Ahead of their upcoming return to the airwaves, Jimmy Fallon shared an anecdote with the Strike Force Five surrounding the circumstances of him replacing Conan O’Brien on Late Night — a gig he wasn’t angling for to begin with. Fresh off of Fallon’s stint on Saturday Night LiveLorne Michaels asked the comedian if he’d be interested in a hosting job. Fallon, however, rejected the idea — with a caveat. “In six years, ask me, and if I’m around, I’ll think about it,” he told Michaels. 

And so, six years and two middling acting credits later, Michaels returned to his original proposition. This time, Fallon was all in. The network on the other hand? Not so much. Fallon recalled Michaels telling him, “NBC doesn’t really want you. But we have to talk to them,” which they successfully did, resulting in Fallon’s 14 years (and counting) in late-night television.

Variety promoted Fallon’s revelation to its Twitter feed and even listed his tepid box office career with Taxi and Fever Pitch, only with one glaring error. Part of the tweet read: “Execs were ‘cold’ on him after Taxi Driver and Fever Pitch films didn’t work.” The mix-up created a parallel universe where Fallon wasn’t a clumsy cop but instead the unstable cabbie at the center of Martin Scorsese’s 1976 classic. While the mishap is understandable, the timeline wasn’t exactly forgiving as those on Twitter made numerous jokes at the expense of Variety’s social media manager and Fallon. Here are our favorites…

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Evil hag woman ... @playerslayer191 No? I'm the Jimmy Fallon guy from that one hit movie taxi driver.. JimmySnap 27m ago 91A eW ٩ومواد edT CHAT
Wrex Weed @wrexweed To be fair he has dead eyes that could maybe make TAXI DRIVER work
Aaron Starmer ... @AaronStarmer I love that scene in Taxi Driver when Travis Bickle sings classic 80s rap while playing beer pong.
starbury @haslemberg.23h ... Taxi Driver
- DAD Claudia @thewaitisogre martin scorsese saw this post and hit his head against a brick wall a couple of times
Neuralink Test Chimp #3 ... @cuneform My name is Henry... (giggles)... Henry Krinkle. К... (holds back laughter) R... (giggles uncontrollably, ruins 308th take)
Honey *P Diddy* Combs ... @MeWantHoneyComb The classic Scorcese film starring Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifa
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