Dane Cook Lobbies AMC to Make Him Taylor Swift of Comedy Concert Movies

Hey AMC, Dane Cook has a few ideas...
Dane Cook Lobbies AMC to Make Him Taylor Swift of Comedy Concert Movies

Give Dane Cook credit — the guy is always working it. As Taylor Swift continues to dominate the box office with her concert film The Eras Tour (sorry about that beatdown over the weekend, Martin Scorsese), Cook wondered if audiences might be interested in heading to the multiplex for a different kind of concert movie. 

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Shoot your shot, right? It’s fair to point out that Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest pop-culture celebrity of the century, while Cook went direct-to-consumer with his last special, available on danecook.com for $15 rental/$20 to own. But that doesn’t mean AMC wouldn’t have interest — or at least, potential interest. Yes, AMC chief Adam Aron does read his Twitter feed! (And refuses to call it X.)

Hey, it’s not a no! And as crazy as a Dane Cook concert at your local movie theater might sound, it might make more sense than you think. Covid has already choked the pipeline of new movies to theaters, and the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue to throttle the theatrical business. AMC needs content and here’s Dane Cook serving it up on a platter. 

“Looking forward to chatting ways of continuing to bring new comedy endeavors coupled with @AMCTheatres, keeping the fans thrilled and of course meeting Nicole Kidman!” Cook tweeted back at @CEOAdam. “Speak soon.”

Another reason Aron might be interested? The Eras Tour flick has opened theaters’ eyes to alternative offerings that don’t hand a huge cut back to the movie studios. If it’s not Cook, then a comedy concert by Kevin Hart or Taylor Tomlinson might have some appeal. Did anyone film that John Mulaney/Jon Stewart/Pete Davidson triple-bill? Just saying…

But Cook might beat them all to the punch. After his online exchange with AMC, he took to social media yesterday to tease “some great news this week.” Pretty ambiguous, but on the heels of that back-and-forth, maybe something is cooking.

Besides Cook and Aron, there seems to be at least one other group interested in the idea of a comedy concert coming to theaters. Nope, not Dane Cook fans or comedy nerds — it’s those Apes who bought all that speculative AMC stock.

As Dumb Money demonstrates, weirder things have happened than Dane Cook saving movie theaters. Buy buy buy!

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