The Marvel-Scorsese Feud Is Dumb As Balls, Won't Die

Why are we still talking about this?
The Marvel-Scorsese Feud Is Dumb As Balls, Won't Die

It wasn't an interesting debate to begin with, and it hasn't gotten any better since. But we better get used to it, because we're going to be talking about the Marvel movies vs. Martin Scorsese feud until the sun explodes and takes the Earth with it.

There are probably a precious few of you left who have no idea what I'm talking about. Oh, you sweet innocent children. What I would give to be in your shoes, to have a mind free of this useless argument, which is being kept alive by entertainment news outlets to justify their own existence.

This debate, now celebrating what feels like its centennial, has gotten so out of hand that Scorsese tried to settle it once and for all with a lengthy, well-reasoned New York Times essay ... and even that wasn't enough to sate the appetites of entertainment journalism. Now the story is about what people involved with superhero movies have to say about Scorsese's response to the responses to his original assertion that superhero movies are more like theme park rides than "cinema."

The Marvel-Scorsese Feud Is Dumb As Balls, Won't Die
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"This debate has left me with no other recourse than to load myself into a cannon and shoot myself into a wall! Goodbye! "

We should all shut up about this already, including me. But until then, it's very funny that after Scorsese said superhero movies are disqualified from being "cinema" because they're risk-averse, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige's response to was to boast that they had the gumption to kill off half their roster of characters in one movie, gliding over how every person on Earth knew they would all be back a year later. FFS, that is the Singular Unbreakable Law of Superheroes. God, this debate sucks, and we're all worse for having been a part of it. At least Parasite is making a shit-ton of money.

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