Kevin Hart Is Struggling to Understand All the New Memes About Him

(insert Kevin Hart puzzled face here)
Kevin Hart Is Struggling to Understand All the New Memes About Him

“Can somebody tell me why I’m trending?”

That was Kevin Hart’s plea to fans, trolls, anyone who could tell him what in the holy heck was going on with a popular series of memes that he’s unwittingly starring in. “I got endless memes being sent to my damn phone from a bunch of my dumbass friends WTF is going on????” he lamented. Whatever they mean, whoever was making them, Hart at least maintained a sense of humor about the whole thing: “Gotta admit they funny as hell tho.”

As for the memes themselves? The concept is pretty simple: With so many images of the animated Hart readily available online — overly serious pose, angry pose, WTF pose — it’s easy to find one that serves as the perfect reaction to anything life throws at you.

And now they’re getting meta, with Meme Kevin Hart reacting to Kevin Hart memes.

Intentionally or not, Hart is providing a playbook for other celebrities who wake up to find themselves trending for no obvious reason. You could get mad at being the butt of the internet’s jokes. Or you can throw up your hands, own your bafflement, and laugh along with the rest of us. It’s free goodwill — all you need to do is let go of self-importance and roll with it.

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