14 Great Jokes About College

We can debate the cost of a college education, but not the hilarity of these college jokes
14 Great Jokes About College

The fall means a new school year for college students. It’s a rite of passage for millions of youngsters seeking higher education while exploring sex and substances and getting depressingly deep into student debt. Whether it’s worth it or not, the experience is one that countless comedians have included in their work. So, let’s do a keg stand as we enjoy some of the funniest jokes and moments about all of that higher educationing...

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Lisa Simpson Will Not Be a Gamecock

Homer promises Lisa that she can attend the finest school (in South Carolina).

Mark Ellis on Older Students

“A 96-year-old woman graduated from college. Somebody turned 92 and was like, “Ah, I gotta get my life together.’”

‘Saturday Night Live’ on College Admissions

SNL goes deep into how colleges admit their students. They don’t even mind it if your only interest is “snails.”

Key & Peele on Obama in College

Key & Peele uncovers a video of former President Barack Obama letting loose back in college, complete with weed and a desire to get laid.

Matthew Broussard Hates College Kids

“People always give teenagers a tough time, but at least teenagers know they’re children. Whereas college kids will walk up like, ‘What’s up, my name’s Devin’ — or something stupid. ‘Let’s talk about the economy even though I never paid an electricity bill.’”

Fry’s College Days

In Futurama, Fry reminisced about his college days in the past and how he hopes to attend college (and drop out again) in the future.

Kids in the Hall’s Art Class

Sometimes, art classes can be problematic, and sometimes, there can be a bit too much being read into it. Kids in the Hall lets you decide.

‘Family Guy’s Fart Joke

When Peter tries to join a college frat on Family Guy, he sets up the easiest joke ever written for the show, complete with a multiple-choice punchline.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Visiting Your Hometown

Coming home for vacation from college can feel very weird, and there’s just no “going home” again, no matter how much it could sound like a tourist ad.

Bill Burr Loved the College Admissions Scandal

In 2019, after a number of celebrities were caught buying their kids way into prestigious schools, Burr went on Conan and remarked on how he loved that they accidentally exposed how unprestigious these schools actually are.

University of Westfield Online

SNL knows that getting a degree online is probably a waste of money if you’re trying to get a job.

‘Robot Chicken’ Explores Dexter Applying to M.I.T.

The stop-motion experts at Robot Chicken understand how getting into a good school can be tough, even for boy geniuses.

When Homer Went to College

Homer went to college in the aptly named Simpsons episode “Homer Goes to College” and realized that the university experience is much different than the R-rated college comedies he watched on TV.

John Mulaney Wants to Know Where His College Spent All of His Money

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