12 Problematic Disney Park Attractions That Range From Ironically Sexist To Outright Racist

12 Problematic Disney Park Attractions That Range From Ironically Sexist To Outright Racist

Ah, yes, the great Disney parks. For decades, they have been the source of wonder, enchantment, and joy for millions of people around the world. But behind the scenes, Disney has been far from perfect. From racist stereotypes to insensitive cultural depictions, the company has had its fair share of controversies. 

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In this list, we will explore some of Disney's most controversial rides and attractions and how they have been changed or removed over the years. From Splash Mountain to the Haunted Mansion, we will take a look at how Disney has tried to address its past mistakes and create a more inclusive and respectful environment for its visitors. And, all in all, it's pretty clear that Disney has a long way to go in order to become a truly inclusive and progressive company. So, grab your mouse ears and join us as we take a look at Disney's controversial past and its attempts to make amends.

Screams, complaints, and confusion.

CRACKED EXTRATERRORESTRIAL ALIEN ENCOUNTER Disney World's ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter ride was so scary that it had to be shut down in 2003. Kids were screaming a lot and parents were complaining about the violence (and confusing story). Kudos to the Imagineers who were too good at their jobs.


Disney profits, artist ignored.

CRACKED ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM Disney sold a music box inspired by their Enchanted Tiki Room attraction to celebrate their 50th anniversary - without giving any recognition or money to the fan who made the sculpture they plagiarized and turned into the music box.


Cultural insensitivity: Disney-style.

CRACKED PERFORMANCE BY A HIGH SCHOOL DRILL TEAM Disney expressed regret over a March 2022 Disneyworld performance by a high school drill team that included the words scalp 'em Indians, scalp 'em. Disney says it's taken steps to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.


Disney's failed experiment: Pleasure Island.

CRACKED PLEASURE ISLAND Trnight! PLEASURE ISLAND In 1989, Disney World opened Pleasure Island, a place with lots of bars and clubs for adults once described as a collection of nightclubs in Disney's shopping center. It got shut down in 2008. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Inside the Magic 

Disney: No more wench auctions.

CRACKED J AUCHIO Take a Wench for a Bride PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Disney changed the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to get rid of a scene where chained women are being auctioned off under a sign that says Take a Wench for a Bride. Yes, that was real.

OC Register 

Animals 1, Humans 0.

CRACKED JUNGLE CRUISE Disneyland got rid of the racist imagery of Africans as headhunters in the original Jungle Cruise ride in July 2020, and replaced it with a funny story where the animals outsmart the safari-goers. Whew.


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