Sportwriter Saves The NBA By Figuring Out How To Play Games At Disney World

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Sportwriter Saves The NBA By Figuring Out How To Play Games At Disney World

NBA players are already living the dream, but now that their season is set to begin again after the pandemic threated to cut it short, they're going to get the chance to live out something that sounds like a childhood fantasy. Barring setbacks, the season is set to resume sometime in mid-July with games to be played a centralized location with players isolated from the outside world. The front-running venue appears to be the ESPN's Wide World of Sports complex in Disney World Orlando. It's a sprawling sports heaven with six full-sized basketball courts and two other venues that can be converted into courts if needed. This was all dreamed up by one guy who probably feels like he's a kid in a 90s movie whose wish to watch NBA games at Disney World was granted by a genie played by Shaquille O'Neal.

That guy is Keith Smith. He's a writer for Yahoo! Sports. A little over a month after the NBA suspended its season after players and personnel tested positive for COVID, Keith wrote an article that under any other circumstances would make him seem like he'd been kicked in the head by a pack of Shaqs. Like a little kid going buck wild with construction paper and Crayons, he envisioned NBA games happening at Disney World. In the article, he essentially assumes the role of the NBA's personal travel agent. He suggests the best hotels and singles out which venues have broadcasting capabilities like he worked for Disney for 20 years or something. That might be because he did and spent a large chunk of that time at Disney World in Orlando.

The whole thing has the vibe of having asked your friend with a Disney annual pass for advice on what to do at the park then having to sit through the world's longest Disney-themed run-on sentence. Keith's idea was solid, but at the time, NBA basketball at Disney World was the wild word vomit that that stammers out the mouth of someone who was asked who the president is by an EMT. He might as well have proposed playing basketball on the moon. Don't need to worry about respiratory droplets when you're slam-dunking in the vacuum of space, where no one can hear you cough. Ridiculous times call for equally ridiculously ideas. Come July, Keith's wild musing might be what quenches the parched basketball fan. Thanks, man.

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