15 Dark Humor Jokes From ‘The Simpsons’

15 Dark Humor Jokes From ‘The Simpsons’

The Simpsons didn’t get to 34 seasons on bright and sunny humor alone. Goofs, gags and wack-a-doodles help make an obscene amount of TV, but you’ll run out of material unless you start to get dark with it. While dark drama has always had a place in the series (as the first season can attest to), the ability to mine hilarity out of the stuff in life made to make you scared, sad or scad (a combo platter of both) is a skill that’s only grown as the show has gone on (unlike the Simpsons children).

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And so, here are some of the darkest jokes that The Simpsons’ writers have ever crafted and dared to put on the air...

The Death of Frank Grimes

Frank Grimes (or “Grimey” as he liked to be called) was the perfect Homer foil, right down to getting electrocuted in a situation that Homer likely would’ve brushed off. Even Grimes’ own funeral was overshadowed by Homer’s buffoonery.

The Simpson Kids Discovering the Richie Rich/Casper Connection

When Lisa Breaks Ralph’s Heart

After Lisa rejects Ralph’s advances on live TV, Bart is able to slow down the footage to really pinpoint when Ralph feels his absolute lowest.

Homer’s Police Tape Prank

Homer’s use of Marge’s police tape (oh yeah, Marge was a cop one time) provided a disturbing look into his sense of humor.

Moe’s Sad Life

This Newspaper Headline

Moe Keeping Hans Moleman in the Basement

Listen, he has a bunch of dark, terrible secrets that would be too much trouble to explain.

Patty and Selma’s True Hair Color

Martin Prince’s Unexpected Home Life

In an “unreleased storyline,” it’s not easy being a 10-year-old who is actually an undercover cop.

Lil’ Lisa Recycling Plant

A “reformed” Mr. Burns is inspired by Lisa’s attempt at cleaning the Earth’s oceans, but he still can’t help but be the evil billionaire that he is and turn recycling into something somehow worse for ocean life.

‘I Like Stories’

This little tale from Homer explains everything about Homer.

‘From This Point On, No Talking’

The aforementioned Hans Moleman has had plenty of dark fates on the show, but this one is arguably the most cruel.

‘Now, How ‘Bout a Hug?’

In “Brother From the Same Planet,” Homer forgets to pick up Bart from soccer practice and tries to mend fences with him. Needless to say, Bart doesn’t forgive him and imagines Homer’s horrifying demise.

The Death of Maude Flanders

A “supporting player” in the Simpsons’ lives, Maude wasn’t really explored too much in the show, but the death of the character made a significant impact on the series and has sparked the premises of several touching Ned-oriented episodes. Not to mention, how she dies remains one of the most memorable jokes in the show’s history.

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