Your TV screen being a flat surface is an apt metaphor -- because you wouldn’t believe the wild crap that sometimes goes on below the surface. Money issues, power struggles, drama… No wonder sometimes performers choose to walk away from shows  (when they have any choice at all in the matter instead of just being shown the door). These are just a few cases of the tumultuous world of show business giving characters a case of “whoops, there’s no one to play you anymore.”

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Hippie Hankerings

Leo disappeared from THAT '70s SHOW because Tommy Chong went to jail (over pot). Just like Leo Chingkwake, Chong is a huge stoner - which landed him in the big house. Не admitted to selling a whole lot of bongs and served nine months, which prevented him from appearing in Season 5 and 6 of the show.

Source: CBR

Someone Was Listening In

Eddie Lebec died in CHEERS because his actor dissed Rhea Perlman. According to Cheers writer Ken Levine, Jay Thomas fielded a question in a radio show about how it was to be on the show. It's brutal, Thomas said. I have to kiss Rhea Perlman. Much more brutal than that was Eddie's death by Zamboni shortly thereafter.

Source: Looper

Enough of Not Getting Enough

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were paid less than their white co-stars in HAWAII FIVE-O. Despite negotiations to achieve pay parity, CBS's final offer was still 10-15% lower than what the network paid Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. So when Season 8 rolled in, detectives Kelly and Kalakaua were no longer around.

Source: Variety

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