A.I. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino Argue Over Nose Jobs in ‘Seinfeld’

Deepfake masters continue their crusade to put Arnold in every piece of media that is severely lacking in Arnold
A.I. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino Argue Over Nose Jobs in ‘Seinfeld’

If you traveled back in time to 1991 and told the average American that, in 30 years, an artificial intelligence would put Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino in the latest episode of Seinfeld, they’d probably think that, at some point in the future, the Terminator franchise went waaay off track.

Like any quality content creators, comedian and VFX artist Brian Monarch and voice actor Joe Gaudet have established a distinct and recognizable brand that keeps us coming back for more. For roughly the past year, the duo have been consistently creating A.I.-assisted deepfake videos in which The Governator (voiced by Gaudet) appears in movies and TV shows that had a startling lack of Schwarzenegger before Monarch and Gaudet corrected the original creators’ mistakes. With a knack for the ‘90s, the pair have put Arnold in everything from Titanic to The Waterboy to, fittingly, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot — and, of course, the occasional Seinfeld episode.

A recent entry in the “A.I. replaces someone with Arnold” series tackled Seinfeld Season Three episode “The Nose Job,” with a special guest appearance from Al Pacino, voiced by Piotr Michael. 

As much as Id love to see every Seinfeld episode improved with the addition of 1980s and 1990s action stars, I also hope and trust that Monarch and his team will keep the scope of their project limited to the sitcom and not those actors' other work — no one needs to watch A.l. Pakramer at the Laugh Factory.

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