This Deepfake Helps Settle Arnold and Stallone’s Greatest Feud

This Deepfake Helps Settle Arnold and Stallone’s Greatest Feud

If it seems like we’re obsessed with deepfakes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s because we’re absolutely, positively 100 percent obsessed with deepfakes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The latest installment in Brian Monarch’s series of scenes from movies that lack Arnold Schwarzenegger that he improved with the deepfake addition of Arnold Schwarzenegger has furthered Monarch’s campaign to bring closure to The Governator’s great rivalry with Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot star Sylvester Stallone. In an iconic moment of petty film feud history, Schwarzenegger famously tricked Stallone into taking a role in the universally panned 1992 buddy cop comedy co-starring Golden Girl Estelle Getty. Danny DeVito’s twin feigned interest in the film with full knowledge that the movie would be a dud, hoping that Stallone would be baited into accepting the part if he thought Schwarzenegger was going to snag it first.

This morning, Monarch evened the playing field by putting Schwarzenegger (voiced by Joe Gaudet) in the role he never meant to play. 

Someone with a very specific fetish will be ecstatic to see Arnold in a diaper, or to hear him shout, “Shoot him in the boobies, mommy!” And by someone, we of course mean Stallone. 

You’re welcome, Sly.

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