13 of the Funniest Jokes and Moments from Samuel L. Jackson

13 of the Funniest Jokes and Moments from Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has been the epitome of all things cool for multiple decades. But the icon is not just cool; he’s hilarious too. Whether it’s a straight-up comedy or a well-delivered quip, Jackson has the unique ability to make audiences laugh as much as he’s made them fear him. Usually, with the complete, utter versatility of the word “motherfucker” thrown in for good measure.

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To celebrate the blockbuster foulmouthed maestro, we’ve grabbed some of the funniest bits and moments Jackson has given us over the years...

As Jules Winnfield in ‘Pulp Fiction’

Jackson’s hitman brilliantly encapsulates the aforementioned comedic charm and menace in equal measure.

A Sad Off Against Anne Hathaway

Getting a Massage Chair on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’

While promoting Jackie Brown, Jackson got to be interviewed in a massage chair to talk about Quentin Tarantino movies and Star Wars like a 1990s teen in their parents’ basement.

As Gin Rummy on ‘The Boondocks’

On the critically acclaimed animated series, Jackson and Charlie Murphy played Gin Rummy and Ed Wuncler III, white bros co-opting Black culture while also serving as satires of Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush. All of which was on perfect display during this mini-mart robbery/analogy for the Iraq war.

His Feelings on Anime Porn

Speaking of animation, we’ll never get over his matter-of-fact cackle after declaring himself a connoisseur of the hentaisanal arts.

What Up with That?

Jackson not only got to be a part of the recurring Kenan Thompson sketch on Saturday Night Live, but he even dropped an F-bomb during it.

It’s All Sam’s Fault

For Funny Or Die, Jackson let himself be the butt of a joke surrounding how all of his characters were poor role models for kids. What were these kids doing watching R-rated movies anyway?

‘Where Is My Super Suit?’

The Incredibles does an incredible job (sorry) showing off family dynamics for superhero families, but what steals the show is Jackson’s vocal performance as Frozone, especially when he is arguing with his off-screen wife.

Shark Attack from ‘Deep Blue Sea’

It came completely out-of-nowhere, and we’re all still laughing at it.

‘Aim for the Bushes’

Jackson partnered with The Rock as the other guys in The Other Guys in a hilarious Hollywood cop trope that met some real-life consequences.

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