30 Pixar Facts That Didn't Make Us Cry a Little Shut Up

30 Pixar Facts That Didn't Make Us Cry a Little Shut Up

Pixar's movies have become a major part of a certain demographic's movie diet. If you didn't grow up on Andy's toys coming to life whenever he wasn't in the room-- Maybe you have more affection for the superhero family of The Incredibles, the lovable creatures of Monsters Inc, the post-apocalyptic adventures of the robot Wall-E, or the unfathomable David Lynchian hellscape that the Cars series must be. When your production house has enjoyed that much success over this many decades, each production has it's share of interesting trivia tidbits to collect. We've done our best to gather some of the most interesting facts together here: from production issues, to unexpected tie-in products, to the famous easter eggs that serve as stealthy debuts of future iconic characters. 

Pixar's cross generation dominance in the animation landscape may come and go through the years, but these characters and movies have special places in our big dumb hearts. 

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