Morpheus and Neo Want to Make A Comedy That’s Not ‘Matrix: Resurrections’

Morpheus and Neo Want to Make A Comedy That’s Not ‘Matrix: Resurrections’

Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne like the idea of teaming up in a movie that has jokes instead of a movie that is a joke.

The co-stars of The Matrix franchise and the upcoming film John Wick: Chapter 4 told Entertainment Tonight Canada that the next step in their on-screen chemistry could be an original comedy instead of a comically mishandled sequel. Though both actors are much more known for their serious work, Reeves and Fishburne complimented each others’ comedy chops and Reeves speculated on what kind of buddy comedy would suit them best.

Fishburne modestly said of his co-star, “Keanu is really funny. When he’s funny, he’s really funny. And I don’t know if I’m that funny.” Fishburne might not be as funny as his scene partner, but he’s certainly more sensible — that’s why he stayed out of Resurrections.

“That would be fun,” Reeves said when asked if he and Fishburne could make a comedy film, warmly saying of his co-star, “He’s funny. He’s got a wonderful sense of humor and (is) marvelous. I mean, legend. So yeah, that’d be fun.” Reeves suggested that they could do a “road comedy,” which makes us imagine Neo and Morpheus in a Planes, Trains and Automobiles-style romp across reality.

Reeves and Fishburne might, however, need some backup if they’re to tackle a brand new genre — just add Carrie-Anne Moss and the Trinity is complete.

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