16 Facts About Keanu Reeves (Because Dammit, Look at Him)

Just get a load of this breathtaking dude.
16 Facts About Keanu Reeves (Because Dammit, Look at Him)

He’s an actor that was poked fun of during the 1990s, but has turned into the most respected guru-like celebrity on the internet. So many iconic roles have been blessed into his career. He’s Ted “Theodore” Logan. He’s Neo. He’s John Wick. He is many within one. He is Keanu Reeves.

Keanu is reportedly a sweet man with millions of fans of his work and just the guy himself. We mean, look at him. Look. At. Him. He’s mesmerizing in the eyes and just makes dopamine flood out of you whenever he speaks. However, even the biggest fans of Mr. Reeves may not know everything about this dynamo. There are certainly some facts about him that fans may not have noticed, or have forgotten. Either way, we’re going to break Keanu down (but would never hurt him).

Here are some cool and sometimes surprising facts about Keanu Reeves that you probably didn’t know about.

'Swedish Dicks'

Keanu Reeves He's on a TV show you've never seen. Reeves has a small recurring role on Swedish Dicks, a U.S.-Scandinavian co-production about two private detectives from Sweden trying to earn a living in Los Angeles. It stars Keanu's friend Peter Stormare. CRACKED.COM


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