16 Trivia Salvos From The 'John Wick' Movies

16 Trivia Salvos From The 'John Wick' Movies

The only thing we love more than good ol’ popcorn chompin, bullet-dodgin’ action movies is writing about them. And the only thing we love more than that is the John Wick franchise.

From John's watch and those fancy suits to action movie tributes starring Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, here's a list of all the details, homages, and Easter eggs to be found in the John Wick franchise, so far. Let us tell you–it’s a lot! We’re not sure how they snuck references to ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ and Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, into one incredibly action series–but those are just the sort of details that make the movies so memorable.

It’s easy enough to stack bodies in a film, but esoteric references to multiple ancient world mythologies? We’re in.

So, scroll on, just–and we mean this–don’t mess with anyone’s dog. Oh and bring guns, lots of guns.

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