15 of the Funniest Jokes About Hollywood Blockbusters

Comedians are just as big of film nerds as the rest of us
15 of the Funniest Jokes About Hollywood Blockbusters

Springtime and fall can go scratch because the best season is summer movie season. Growing up, it was the cherry on top of summer vacations, granting kids the gift of seeing big-screen action with an endless supply of junk food inside a nice, dark, air-conditioned room. 

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Well, while comedians love a blockbuster as much as the next person (especially when they’re making the big bucks playing the comic relief in it), they also know how to take it down a peg. Below are some of the funniest jokes, sketches and moments regarding the biggest box-office draws in Hollywood...

Brian Posehn Went to Therapy Over ‘Star Wars’

“I actually talked to my therapist about how upset I was about Star Wars. Do you know why I paid $140 to tell a lady I was mad at a movie? BECAUSE MY WIFE DIDN’T WANT TO FUCKING HEAR IT ANYMORE.”

‘Saturday Night Live’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Auditions

Dave Waite Regrets Loving ‘Indiana Jones’

As a kid, Waite’s fandom of Indy got his parents to send him to archeology camp. He was soon disappointed, discovering that archeology actually had fewer Nazis for him to punch.

Dean Edwards Didn’t Watch ‘Black Panther’ Immediately

“If something Black comes out and you don’t support it, you gotta keep that on the low. Otherwise, Black people think you sold out — at least, that’s what they said at the meetings.”

Paul Chowdhry Discusses His ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Audition

Patton Oswalt Will Use Time Travel to Stop ‘Star Wars’ Prequels

Oswalt deconstructs why the prequels didn’t work for him via a fake conversation with George Lucas, who carries rock salt for some reason. No wonder why Oswalt wants to kill him with a shovel. 

‘Avatar’ Is Just Blue Rabbits Banging

Robot Chicken broke down the main points of James Cameron’s movie in a hip-hop R&B tune that explores the sex habits of the Na’vi.

Myq Kaplan Breaks Down the ‘Fast & the Furious’ Franchise

Kaplan goes over the title choices of the Fast franchise and why they’re the best series of titles since the Alien series of films.

Mike Lawrence Has Opinions About ‘The Lion King’

Lawrence: Does anyone remember who the villain of The Lion King was?
Audience: Scar!
Lawrence: You think so? I don’t think it was. I think it was the asshole parents who named their child “Scar” after he was born with a scar on his face.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Talks ‘Frozen 2’ Social Justice

‘Robot Chicken’ Explores ‘Toy Story’

Robot Chicken contemplated how Andy’s toys would react to eBay, sex and weed, among other things that are Adult Swim-y.

Pete Holmes’ Badman

With Front Page Films and College Humor, Holmes did his own rendition of a scene from Dark Knight Rises.

Hawkeye Runs Out of Arrows on ‘SNL’

Listen, he can only hold 12 arrows at the most; lay off Hawkeye.


Brought to you by the letter “R” comes one of the best parody trailers ever done by SNL. It’s even better than the movie that it’s spoofing: Joker.

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