20 Ways 'Star Wars' Has Changed Over Three Trilogies: Then vs. Now

20 Ways 'Star Wars' Has Changed Over Three Trilogies: Then vs. Now

Back in the late ’70s, a sci-fi movie premiered that would change everything. It had space wizards and cowboys, fast-paced action, and an epic tone that truly showed us what adventures awaited us in the farthest reaches of the universe. We are talking, of course, about Starcrash. And Star Odyssey. And also Message from Space. We’re not talking about you, though, Battle Beyond the Stars and The Last Starfighter, you’re from the 80s, you're ruining our joke, movies. Anyway, among all of these space operas (or before them, if you wanna be like that), a little one called Star Wars also came out.

Star Wars was a complete success. And we can be certain of that because it spawned its own disco song, which is a greater achievement than we’ll ever manage to accomplish. Seriously, do you have your own disco song? Thought so, think about that before scoffing at Starcrash. Okay, back to Star Wars. George Lucas’ blatant metaphor for the Vietnam War changed everything, and besides awesome(ly awful) disco music, it also resulted in decades of complete cultural awareness, not to mention sequels, a holiday special that we’re pretty sure was directed by a time-traveling J. J. Abrams, and enough merch to finance Howard The Duck. In this edition of Pictofacts, then, we study Star Wars then and now, focusing primarily (although not exclusively) on the three trilogies: the Holy One, the What One, and the Ugh One.

Dudes in Black

Star Wars Then vs. Now Darth Vader and Kylo Ren Kylo Ren was a clear homage to Darth Vader, with both characters going through a redemption arc, helping the heroes in the end. Yet differences also abound: Vader is a scarred, terrifying, and stoic half- machine, while Kylo is just a healthy emo boy. CRACKED.COM

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