15 Ways 'Star Wars' Could Have Been Very Different

There's enough stuff to fill up an entire multiverse here.
15 Ways 'Star Wars' Could Have Been Very Different

Star Wars has gone through so many different variations it’s a surprise that the movies even exist in the first place. But where else could Star Wars have gone? When Disney eventually turns its Sauron-esque eye, full of multiverse malice, towards Star Wars, where might the series one day go? Could Luke Force-walk to another universe and meet the version of himself who bested Darth Vader to a kyber crystal with Leia, the galactic rebellion long since ended? Could he meet a Chewbacca who looks just like so messed up? 

From Legends to Disney’s Lucasfilm attempting and failing to figure out how to make a blockbuster media franchise by the seat of your pants while switching directors every single film, to George Lucas just kinda being a wild dude who wrote a bunch of stuff, here are all the different directions that Star Wars could’ve gone, all the other stories that could’ve played out.


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