33 Facts About Quentin Tarantino As a Feature Presentation

33 Facts About Quentin Tarantino As a Feature Presentation

Two things about Quentin Tarantino are true at the same time: He's one of the most important filmmakers of the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and today… As well as the filmmaker your douchey college roommate was most likely to be extremely into. So, sure, you may roll your eyes every time you see a raven haired, red lipped Uma Thurman on the wall like an extremely sarcastic Pavlovian dog… But that doesn't mean there aren't countless interesting facts about the world of Tarantino films and what's gone into making them. 

From gangster crime movies, violence-worshipping drive-in fare, collaborations with friends, and history changing period epics… Tarantino's filmography is all over the map, but unified by snappy dialogue, reverence for classic Hollywood, and irreverence for nearly everything else. What's next for the guy who swears he might retire after his tenth film? We know it probably won't be Star Trek, but damn if we're not curious. 

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