Amy Schumer Takes ‘Full Credit for Pete Davidson’s Success’ — Also, She Liked Michael Che Before He Was Cool

Amy Schumer Takes ‘Full Credit for Pete Davidson’s Success’ — Also, She Liked Michael Che Before He Was Cool

Amy Schumer says that the supermodels and pop stars of the world would never have known the name “Pete Davidson” if it weren’t for her — which probably gives the angriest men on the internet another excuse to hate her.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Schumer told the story of how she gave a plucky young stand-up from Staten Island his first movie role in her 2015 romcom Trainwreck, which led to her co-star Bill Hader lobbying Lorne Michaels to give the tatted-up talent an audition for Saturday Night Live. Schumer’s ability to spot a diamond in the (very) rough started the chain reaction that would land Davidson in the middle of the comedy zeitgeist, as well as in the beds of half the women in Hollywood.

Oh, and for good measure, she also said that she was one of the first people in New York to realize that Michael Che was bound for superstar status. Basically, Amy Schumer is who Lorne Michaels thinks he is.

“I do take full credit for Pete Davidson’s success,” Schumer joked when asked about her early involvement in the Hollywood heartbreaker’s career. Schumer said of his appearance in Trainwreck, “He was like 19 or 18 or something, and absolutely, I was like, this kid’s going to be a star.” Davidson had a minor cameo in the film as a patient of Hader’s who gets high and trips over his own bong, leading to a knee injury that requires attention from a top surgeon. So basically, all he had to do to get on SNL was play himself in a Judd Apatow movie.

Schumer recalled another SNL star she saw coming before anyone else, saying, “Same with Michael Che, you know. I was like, you meet these people and they’re just like living far out in Queens, sharing a room like, having lots of roommates. You’re like, oh but you’re going to (be big) someday.”

Ryan Gosling must be sorry that Schumer left The Barbie Movie — maybe he could have made a name for himself if she discovered him, too.

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