Amy Schumer's Inclusion on This Viral Best Comedians of All Time List Is Making People Very Angry

Microsoft's chatbot A.I. Bard ranks the all-time great stand-ups -- humans disagree
Amy Schumer's Inclusion on This Viral Best Comedians of All Time List Is Making People Very Angry

CORRECTION 5/27: As I have been informed, I am an illiterate and a hack who doesn't know the difference between 7 and 8. Ms. Schumer occupies the 8th ranking on this list, not the “lucky 7 spot.” My insolence has been noted.

Who would you choose to fill the pantheon of stand-up gods? George Carlin, Richard Pryor – maybe Amy Schumer?

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In case you were wondering why about a dozen different comedians are trending on Twitter right now, the catalyst for the comedy flame war currently raging online was a post by user Damian Scott from yesterday evening that listed the top ten stand-up comics of all time, according to Microsoft’s A.I. chatbot Bard. While the top half of the list has been relatively uncontroversial among comedy fans (notwithstanding Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K.’s respective controversies), places six-thru-ten get a little, uh, “dicey,” most notably in the inclusion of Schumer at the lucky 7 spot. 

The Inside Amy Schumer star is the lone representative of woman comedians on the list, and responses have overwhelmingly called for her to to be replaced by Eddie Murphy, Patrice O’Neal, Bill Burr, Norm Macdonald, Rodney Dangerfield, Lenny Bruce or about a dozen other deserving dudes – plus an occasional plug for Sarah Silverman or Joan Rivers.

While everyone has their own subjective view of which comics deserve to be considered the best, the consensus among conscious beings is that Bard severely fucked up its top ten list with at least forty egregious omissions. Clearly, A.I. isn’t ready to review comedy, let alone write it.

The only point that the various subtweeters and retweeters seem to agree on is that the Bard list is far from acceptable – at the same time, an uncomfortable number of “human beings” have unironically suggested that Jeff Dunham deserves a spot in the top ten. We can't rule out the possibility that the threads have been infiltrated by puppet accounts.

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