Seann William Scott Swears He Has a Great Idea for Fifth ‘American Pie’ Movie

Seann William Scott Swears He Has a Great Idea for Fifth ‘American Pie’ Movie

No one told Stifler that every party needs to end sometime.

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Seann William Scott stole our late 1990s/early 2000s hearts as the obnoxious party boy with the particularly seductive mom in the early American Pie franchise, and the success of those films helped Scott achieve steady success in the industry for years following his breakthrough role. Almost a quarter century later (and a decade after Scott’s last appearance in the series with American Pie: Reunion), Scott is still chasing that high.

Ahead of the Friday release of Scott’s latest project, an action/horror sequel to the 2020 film Becky titled The Wrath of Becky, Scott sat down with to talk shop and answer questions about the likelihood of an American Pie 5. Scott said that the possibility of another non-straight-to-DVD sequel is contingent on a good script, explaining, “We have to have a great idea, and especially these days, it has to be awesome.” Well, it just so happens that Stifler has a great, awesome idea.

"I don't know, I just love the character so much," Scott began when asked if AP fans can expect Stifler and the rest of the central cast to return for one more time around the warm apple pie. “You know, comedy is tough, and they have always been tough, but you know, comedies have really changed,” Scott acknowledged before teasing, “Honestly, we have been talking about an idea. I had one and I still have one that we've literally just recently started talking about."

Though Scott wouldn’t discuss the specifics of his pitch (or even say if a script had been written,) he expressed a passion for the project and his character that was unmistakably earnest, saying, "It would be so much fun to see – I think, fun, but also really fascinating to see a guy like Stifler in his mid-forties today trying to figure things out. A guy who hasn't really changed that much, but the world has changed, you know, what would his life be like? Is there a fun end to a story?" Scott ended on a slightly disappointed note, saying, "I don't know if it'll ever happen." 

Many fans of the series may feel that American Pie may have lost its way somewhere around the fifth spinoff film, but, with the right idea, the originators of the franchise could very well carry American Pie into the modern era. We may yet see Jason Biggs stick his dick in a vegan, gluten-free cronut.

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