‘She’s Smarter and Funnier and Ahead of You’: Everything We Think We Know About Jennifer Coolidge Is Wrong, Says D’Arcy Carden

Carden says Coolidge is nothing like Tanya McQuoid
‘She’s Smarter and Funnier and Ahead of You’: Everything We Think We Know About Jennifer Coolidge Is Wrong, Says D’Arcy Carden

The Good Place star D’Arcy Carden recently had the privilege of spending a few weeks living in a beachside mansion cracking jokes with Jennifer Coolidge, which sounds like the prize for winning some White Lotus-themed raffle and not the business trip that it actually was.

Carden and Coolidge co-starred in the Jennifer Lopez-led action rom-com Shotgun Wedding, and Carden recently revealed that the real JC is very different from what some would assume the iconic comedic actress is like backstage. During the filming of Shotgun Wedding, Carden and Coolidge shared close quarters and quiet quips, which led to Carden telling Insider, "If you think that you're watching someone be kind of kooky and ditsy or whatever, she's not that," saying of her co-star Coolidge, "She's smarter and funnier and ahead of you.”

Apparently, Carden wants us to think that Coolidge isn’t actually Tanya Mcquoid – next, Carden’s going to tell us that Coolidge doesn’t really have half a billion dollars and isn’t married to Uncle Rico. Like we’d ever believe that.

"She's America's sweetheart and she's the funniest person alive and we can't get enough of her, but in person, she's not trying to be the center of attention," Carden said of Coolidge. The two comics spent weeks in a mansion in the Dominican Republic during the filming of Shotgun Wedding, which Carden says brought them together. Said Caren, "(Coolidge) says her funny thing every once in a while, and she likes to have one-on-one deep conversations. And it's not about being the loudest, craziest, funniest person."

"She loves to give other people their moment to shine. She's really generous with her comedy and her laughter and her time," Carden said of Coolidge. According to the A League of Their Own star, there are two types of funny people – the kind who wants to be the center of attention and be the loudest, funniest voice in the room, and the kind who loves bringing out other people’s senses of humor. Coolidge is the latter, says Carden.

Carden says that Coolidge is a subtly self-aware comedian, as she explained, “She's winking at you a lot. And you can see it in her eyes." Though the sentiment behind that statement is clear, we just have to point out that some of us might call that phenomenon “blinking.”

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